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Last mile delivery

Stay ahead of the competition with our speedy, reliable, and cost-effective last mile solution. With same-day pick, pack, and deliver to bluPort, delight your valued customers with fuss-free parcel collection from over 100 conveniently-located bluPort parcel terminals islandwide.

Deliver and delight

Same-day delivery to bluPort via our integrated order fulfillment and delivery systems, so that your customers can receive their orders quickly.

Stay ahead of the competition

Obtain a competitive advantage with our fast and cost-effective bluPort delivery, while also reducing your failed deliveries.

Be eco-conscious

Lower your carbon footprint with our efficient, vehicle-lite parcel delivery.

Get started today

Leverage our open APIs for quick integration and rapid deployment while your existing parcel reference can also be used as tracking ID.

Why customers love bluPort

With over 100 locations islandwide, they can collect parcels on-the-go, from their preferred bluPort, at their convenience. 

They enjoy peace of mind knowing that their parcels wait for them – without the burden of waiting for deliveries or missed deliveries. 

Reliable and secure
Parcels are stored securely in a burglar-proof bluPort, where they can collect them without fail.

With same-day delivery to bluPort, they are pleasantly surprised when their parcels reach earlier than expected.

Transforming last mile delivery with bluPort

Here at blu, we know first-hand that the last mile process is critical to businesses. Hence, we work with brands to create seamless delivery experiences for customers, strengthening brand credibility and reliability amongst their target markets in Singapore.

Stay ahead of the competition with our last mile delivery services, supported by an extensive network of bluPort parcel lockers throughout Singapore. Our systems are powered by robotics and AI, allowing us to take your parcels where they need to go quickly, reliably and accurately.


Integrated and automated last mile delivery services for business success in Singapore

Our automated parcel terminal network transforms the last mile process by providing speedy and safe delivery of parcels to bluPort parcel lockers, strategically located at more than 100 locations in Singapore. This streamlined process reduces cases of lost and delayed orders, and your customers can collect their parcels at their convenience without worrying about missing their deliveries. blu’s returns management services also enable fuss-free parcel returns via the same network of collection points.

Leveraging our last mile capabilities for your delivery needs across Singapore can help your business achieve greater productivity. Moreover, bluPort parcel lockers play a significant role in enhancing your customers’ experience, giving them the confidence to shop with you again. This allows brands to enjoy greater customer loyalty over time.

Our last mile delivery services are supported upstream by a whole suite of retail logistics solutions in Singapore, operating across the entire value chain. Among other services, we also provide tech-driven warehousing and fulfillment solutions for storing goods and fulfilling orders, as well as returns management services. Share your last mile delivery requirements with us and we will be happy to recommend the best business solution for you.

The MetaSport Team

The bluPort locker system is a great alternative solution for our participants to collect their race kits if they were unable to attend Race Kit Collection. Importantly for our MetaSport team, it is a reliable, efficient and timely service. We have had a positive experience using bluPort so far, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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