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Warehousing and fulfillment center in Singapore

Supercharge your warehousing and fulfillment with blu’s best-in-class technology. Powered by robotics and AI, our logistics warehousing solutions and services in Singapore can raise productivity and efficiency for your business. Our automated and integrated systems ensure real-time inventory tracking and swift, accurate order fulfillment, empowering you to make critical decisions to further your business.


Never miss out on a sale

With real-time inventory visibility, you can easily track your inventory movement and facilitate supply chain planning.

Your goods are safe with us

Our best-in-class automated order fulfillment center ensures goods are stored securely with piece-level precision.

Speedy same-day fulfillment

Our integrated and automated systems enable orders to be picked and packed quickly and accurately at our fulfillment center.

Stay ahead of the competition

Adopting our scalable warehousing solutions enables consistent, cost-efficient operations in the face of variable demand.

Get started today

Leverage our open APIs to quickly integrate and deploy our distribution and warehousing management solutions.

Grow your business

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 SKUs, our flexible logistics warehousing services allow you to get started and expand your operations seamlessly.

Visit our warehouse and fulfillment center in Singapore

While an efficient warehouse is a necessary for both new and established businesses, having a streamlined fulfillment solution is equally important. At blu, we leverage the latest technologies in our warehousing and fulfillment solutions to introduce scalable and automated capabilities, for your specific business needs. Get in touch with us to explore warehousing and fulfillment solutions in Singapore today.


Fulfillment centre for small and large businesses

Our warehouse and fulfillment center hosts piece-level storage solutions that can be customised to your business needs. Our logistics warehousing solutions cater to a variety of goods, all of which can be retrieved efficiently with automated systems, powered by robots and artificial intelligence.

Through our cloud-based inventory management services, you can monitor your inventory in real-time, update product catalogues and track online sales performance. This provides greater visibility of inventory levels and purchase trends so that you can better prepare for ever-changing customer demand.

The temperature-controlled facilities at our fulfillment center are especially useful for small and large businesses in Singapore that need the right storage conditions to protect temperature-sensitive goods. With FEFO shelf-life management, we are able to dispatch items according to stipulated expiry dates, hence allowing for more flexibility in production planning.

Moreover, orders can be fulfilled quickly and accurately, made possible with our automated storage and retrieval system. The delivery team will dispatch prepared orders to the respective bluPort parcel lockers around Singapore, from which your customers can easily self-collect their parcels. By using technology to optimise the parcel fulfillment process, blu reduces the logistical strain businesses would otherwise face should they manage this part of the supply chain on their own.

Our distribution and warehousing management systems aim to change the way businesses manage their inventory and orders with technology. For more information on how our fulfillment center can help streamline logistical processes for small and large businesses in Singapore, reach out to us for a chat.

TheresaFounder of The Singaporean Dream

As an independent creator, it was challenging finding the right fulfillment partner. Kickstarter campaigns have multiple reward tiers and special deliveries - thankfully, blu was flexible in accommodating my requests and delivered consistently! My backers also appreciated the bluPort self-collection option, besides home delivery. I highly recommend blu - they're awesome!

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