Send parcels easily

Send parcel

Sending a parcel to a friend? Simply make a booking to drop off your parcel, and we will deliver it to him/her on your behalf!

  • Step 1

    Prepare your parcel
    Ensure your item is securely wrapped and packaged, ideally in a polymailer bag or a box. The parcel should then be sealed shut.

  • Step 2

    Make a booking with the blu app
    Key in your recipient's blu ID or mobile number, and enter details as prompted. Choose which bluPort your recipient will collect from, and your preferred bluPort for drop-off. Credits will be deducted once your booking is confirmed. 

  • Step 3

    Drop off your parcel at bluPort
    Label or write the parcel reference clearly on your parcel. Head down to your selected bluPort location, scan or enter your dropCode, and drop off your parcel.

  • Step 4

    Parcel collection by recipient
    Your recipient will be notified once his/her parcel is ready for collection. You will also receive a notification when the parcel has been successfully collected.