Scale your eCommerce business with 3PL fulfillment

First published by blu, on 25 February 2022

Warehousing and fulfillment

Using Third Party Logistics (3PL) can help large retail businesses optimise their logistics warehousing service and lead to more efficient eCommerce fulfillment. 

Singapore’s eCommerce sector has grown tremendously over recent years, and is set to continue doing so in 2022. Many businesses now experience much higher volumes of orders, with a good majority finding themselves in need of effective logistic solutions to cope with both individual, direct-to-consumer fulfillment and bulk orders for store replenishment. 

For businesses that straddle those markets, 3PL allows the flexibility to operate in both these spheres and continue to scale. With global sales estimated to reach $4.2 trillion in 2021 and Singapore e-commerce users numbering 4.1 million by 2025, many businesses will experience a rapid increase in sales. Developing a sustainable logistics department can ensure a business does not collapse under scaling demands.

Improve Inventory Visibility in blu’s Warehousing Fulfillment Centre

blu’s warehousing fulfillment centre is equipped with an entire suite of digital fulfillment solutions that greatly improve logistic processes, and is an excellent option for eCommerce players and other businesses looking to expand their online presence in Singapore.

Through digitising warehousing and fulfillment processes, blu’s warehousing fulfillment centre can benefit businesses via reducing costs and achieving time efficiency through the automation of otherwise arduous tasks and processes, while also providing business owners with real-time inventory visibility that allows for easy facilitation of both site orders and store replenishments.

Alongside their refined management system, blu’s management software also reliably manages the complexities of warehouse operations such as picking and packing goods; scanning SKUs; and recording the quantity, and location of goods. All goods are stored at piece-level precision for clear inventory visibility and efficient inventory management. Businesses can thus—at any time—access real-time records of inventory balance through blu’s merchant portal, enabling them to make well-informed decisions concerning order replenishment and sale stock.

Strong inventory visibility lets businesses uphold their commitments to customers. Businesses will be able to more accurately gauge the volume of on-hand stock and better manage their promises to customers through continual updating of stock availability and estimated delivery times. Reliable visibility also allows businesses to plan their marketing strategies and growth plans, such that they are agile enough to continuously adapt to the volatile demand patterns prevalent in the eCommerce industry. 

What is omnichannel distribution?

Omnichannel distribution techniques merge wholesale, retail and eCommerce channels together to provide better service to customers. Retailers can manage and securely store their catalogue at blu’s Singapore-based automated warehousing fulfillment centre. This technologically-advanced facility of blu supports merchants by allowing them access to real-time inventory visibility for items stored, which improves future allocation efforts. Merchants can thus easily identify low stock and remotely trigger order replenishments

Merchants are also granted round-the-clock access to their inventory balance stored in blu’s warehousing fulfillment centre, which—when combined with their own in-store inventory management—can facilitate efficient omnichannel distribution to appeal to new and established customers, through their provision of a consistently smooth delivery service.

By capitalizing on the visibility and automation of blu’s warehousing fulfillment solutions, businesses can streamline operational processes and meet fulfillment responsibilities via the adoption and execution of an optimal omnichannel distribution strategy. After all, we are now in an era where the traditional brick-and-mortar business model isn’t quite competitive enough—the retail scene is ripe for a refresh, and eCommerce companies need only leverage on omnichannel customer experiences and its entailed opportunities, to win over more customers and grow their businesses to be a strong competitor in this new norm for retail.

Build Resilience Through Automated Warehousing Solutions 

blu’s automation of the warehousing system entails a reduced reliance on manual labour that enables increased productivity and accuracy in inventory management. The entailed flexibility brought by automation also empowers businesses to quickly adapt to supply chain alterations and consumer trends, thereby granting them the competitive advantage of being able to quickly scale up during peak periods and down during lull ones, to better optimize sales volumes and cost savings. 

In other words, businesses will no longer need to train seasonal pick-packers — blu’s automated warehousing will already be providing them with scalable warehousing solutions enabling consistent, cost-efficient operations in the face of variable demand.

Altogether, blu’s automated warehousing solution allows for efficient time and space management and empowers enterprises to save money on employment, training, storage, and excess stock allocation. 

Reduce Potential Costs Through Efficient Order Fulfillment

The fulfillment process is important to minimise product returns and ensure repeat customers. Well-packed orders that are delivered on time are the best way of assuring this. Establishing an accurate fulfillment process that is efficient will increase customer satisfaction and further establish brand loyalty. 

blu’s automated order fulfillment process allows businesses to achieve all this, all the while saving money that can be redirected to other areas like marketing and customer service. With our warehousing and fulfillment capabilities, blu can promise a same-day pick-and-pack service level that will keep your customers satisfied. These will work with efficient delivery services to enhance the customer relationship and ensure repeat business.

Partner With blu For Scalable Growth

blu’s logistics housing solutions allow established online businesses to develop logistics models that are flexible and sustainable for long-term growth. Digitising the supply chain will strengthen the business’ foundation and enhance online marketing strategies. Businesses will also develop resilience and responsiveness to customer demand and supply-chain issues. Get in touch today to learn how blu can help your business grow.