Improve consumer experience with smart warehousing

First published by Admin, on 13 August 2020

Warehousing and fulfillment

It is clear that consumers have high expectations when it comes to eCommerce deliveries - with so much emphasis on getting parcels delivered on time, it is easy for businesses to focus on the last mile, and overlook the stages upstream. Having a tech-enabled storage and fulfillment solution is another way that businesses can streamline their supply chains, amounting to faster, more accurate order fulfillment and speedier deliveries overall. 

In the age of same-day delivery, traditional warehousing and supply chain systems might find it hard to cope with the increased volume of parcels. Despite their best efforts at strategically stocking and placing products for quicker and more precise dispatch, there remains the risk of errors and delays in fulfilling individual orders. It is thus past time that businesses looking to break into eCommerce implement smart warehouse management systems.

Smart warehouse integration
AI-based warehouse management systems can provide real-time inventory updates and minimise errors in cycle calculation, helping to optimise the order fulfillment process. Basic manual tasks such as picking, examining and categorising products can be automated for better efficiency, decreasing time-to-market levels. These technological innovations make it possible to regulate inventory levels promptly, according to demand fluctuations, shifting ecosystems, and anticipated challenges. 

Integrating smart technology into warehouses results in well-organised order management, real-time planning, and error-free inventory monitoring, thereby enhancing customer experience.

Real-time inventory visibility
Having a precise picture of inventory is key to running operations smoothly. Having clear visibility of a product’s availability at the time of shopping matters to the majority of customers. Such information should be clearly conveyed in order to enhance consumers’ buying experience, and to avoid situations where an order placed cannot be fulfilled because of insufficient stock. 

Moreover, another important factor is the consistency and accuracy of information. Truly smart warehouse systems need to be integrated seamlessly with other aspects of businesses’ supply and distribution chains, such that information about product availability is disseminated in real-time, through all sales channels, both on- and offline. Having access to real-time inventory visibility not only allows optimal order fulfillment but also enables businesses to manage returns, refunds, and exchanges in a more agile manner.

blu’s smart warehousing and fulfillment solutions
With customers expecting instant gratification and expecting speedy delivery of their orders, it is critical that warehouse processes and technologies are optimised for rapid and accurate order fulfillment. Besides increasing the effectiveness of inventory management processes, having real-time visibility of stock levels is important to prevent shopper disappointment, improving the overall customer experience.

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