Transforming retail logistics through connectivity

First published by Singtel, on 26 March 2020


At blu, we aim to make the retail logistics experience seamless. Through Singtel’s suite of connectivity solutions, we provide greater convenience and cost-savings to consumers, retailers, and logistics service providers.

Our integrated retail value chain is powered by automation. But for the benefits of automation to be realised, we need to be operating from the cloud. Singtel's connectivity solutions provided us with a private, direct and secure connection that offers the scalability, cost and performance optimisation to public cloud platforms.

Working with Singtel provided us with:

  • A secure and stable private network to support the growing number of bluPort parcel terminals
  • Simplified network deployment and optimised traffic routing for multiple locations
  • Ability to leverage the benefits of automation by enabling applications on cloud infrastructure

Find out how we launched more than 100 bluPort parcel terminals islandwide with this case study. 



Read the full case study on the Singtel website.


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