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First published by Admin, on 29 June 2020



We are honoured to be named the "Best Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company" at the LogiSYM Awards 2020, organised by the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society (LSCMS). 

As part of the event proceedings, our founder and CEO, Prashant Dadlani, was invited to share his insights on the future of the logistics industry in a panel discussion broadcasted live on Money FM 89.3. The panel, titled “Where is the industry headed and what can we look forward to?”, addresses some of the prevailing concerns that industry professionals have identified in these challenging times.

Automation and manpower

A common misconception and concern for job seekers is that the adoption of technology renders employees’ skillsets obsolete, resulting in job losses. While this would definitely affect the logistics sector, the boost to productivity that technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring are tremendous and should not be ignored. 

Technology can actually support employees by automating routine duties, which in turn frees up their time to attend to more strategic and important tasks, without compromising on productivity. This is especially so today, when businesses must comply with social distancing measures, and tech-enabled solutions play a big part in helping businesses connect with their customers safely and contactlessly. 

Sustainability in COVID-19

Sustainability continues to be a concern for many, even in the midst of the pandemic. Although COVID-19 has forced businesses to acknowledge process gaps, companies are unable to fully embrace available advanced solutions as they are unable to let go of preexisting mindsets towards sustainability and the necessity of more sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. 

Managing and retaining talent

A common concern, especially amongst C-level attendees, is the difficulty of attracting and retaining talent in the logistics industry. Many graduates do not seem to find the industry interesting or fulfilling enough to want to start a career in logistics and supply chain management, with many lamenting the amount of time spent filling up spreadsheets rather than dealing with advanced technologies they were introduced to in school. 

With COVID-19 shining a spotlight on the importance of the sector, there is hope that graduates will be more open to opportunities in logistics and suppy chain management.

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