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Private operators say it complements their delivery service, though it can also be competition

Mr Prashant Dadlani, founder and CEO of local logistics start-up blu, says the roll-out in public estates will complement existing networks and increase efficiency, productivity and provide benefits to consumers.

Year-long pilot lets Bukit Panjang, Punggol residents collect items from nearby lockers

Thanks to a government-initiated parcel collection system, Locker Alliance, customers from Punggol and Bukit Panjang can now collect their purchases from lockers at their HDB blocks. 

The idea is to use self-serve lockers distributed throughout the city at gas stations, malls, office buildings, college and university campuses, and residential complexes so people can have their purchases sent to a locker that’s convenient to them while making sure work isn’t disrupted and deliveries aren’t missed.

Most of us have missed a delivery of online shopping loot. blu started out as a solution to that problem - and it's not ending there.

Officially launched in October 2016, blu is one of several firms in Singapore that offer self-service pick-ups, allowing online shoppers to retrieve their purchases from a range of locations at their own convenience.