It's time to flip last mile assumptions

First published by Admin, on 11 August 2020

Last mile delivery

The rise of eCommerce has introduced an unprecedented level of complexity to the last mile. Not only is there a paradigm shift from bulk commercial shipments to door-to-door residential deliveries, businesses now face an increasing need to manage customer satisfaction with each parcel delivered, lest customers choose another brand that promises to deliver their goods on time. 

The above-mentioned scenario is premised on the assumption that all customers want their parcels delivered to their homes. Consequently, businesses and their logistics service providers are stretching themselves thin to deliver parcels to everyone, everywhere, within two days, and without losing money. 

Getting smart with last mile
Conventional last mile delivery, where each parcel is delivered to its end user, can be quite expensive due to its inefficiencies. The sheer volume of parcels that need to be delivered requires significant resource commitment, from a fleet of delivery vehicles to trained delivery agents. 

Adding to that, consumer expectations around delivery cost and time have skyrocketed. Customers expect not only free delivery, but also fast delivery. In fact, two-day shipping has become the new norm. Almost 80 percent of consumers in a recent survey reported that free, two-day shipping was important to them when shopping online. Meanwhile, 72 percent of customers said they likely will not repurchase from an online brand after a poor delivery experience. 

Oftentimes, businesses’ efforts to enhance the customer experience focus on personalised marketing campaigns, branding, and sales events. But the better approach might just be taking a step back to understand their pain points, and providing solutions that make their overall shopping experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Consumers value successful deliveries that arrive in a safe and timely manner, moreso if the delivery method is convenient for them - it might, thus, not be a priority for all consumers to have parcels delivered to their doorsteps. To help meet customers’ needs, brands can offer a range of reliable, secure and convenient delivery options. Using a third-party network - such as allowing self-collection from a network of parcel lockers - can help businesses consolidate deliveries to more centralised locations, easing the need for multiple discrete deliveries to individual homes and thus reducing delivery times. 

Keeping customers happy
Today’s shoppers expect and prefer having a variety of delivery option, ranging from store pick-ups to express courier services, not to mention conventional doorstep deliveries. Leveraging our 100-strong bluPort network to offer self-collection points can thus help businesses diversify their last mile options.

Our automated and integrated systems enable same-day pick, pack and deliver to bluPort, allowing customers to receive their purchases in short order. With more than 100 bluPort locations islandwide, customers are empowered with the freedom to choose self-collect locations convenient for themselves. 

bluPort parcel lockers are fully-automated, reliable and secure. Operational round the clock, customers have the flexibility of collecting parcels around their busy schedules, reducing instances of failed deliveries and their associated costs. 


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