Rethinking the last mile

First published by Admin, on 25 March 2020

Last mile delivery

Parcel delivery has become a very powerful marketing leverage for eCommerce businesses - invested energy devoted to designing, selling, marketing and customer engagement efforts will amount to very little if purchases are not efficiently and securely delivered into the hands of waiting buyers. 

Staying ahead of ever-changing consumer trends

In addition to a steady rise in parcel volume1, customers expect to be served faster and are less willing than ever to fork out for shipping fees, pressuring businesses to bear the considerable costs of last mile delivery. Thus, businesses need to review current (and future) last mile arrangements to ensure their flexibility and scalability. This ensures that brands are able to ride on the wave of ever-changing consumer trends.

Crowdsourcing - non-professional local couriers who use their own means of transport - is on the rise, likely as a stop-gap measure to fulfill on-demand deliveries. This is probably due to its low start-up costs, speedy turnaround, and flexibility to suit customers preferences. However, applicable costs for the anticipated increase in volume are unlikely to be sustainable in the long run. 

Furthermore, given Singapore’s land constraints and growing population2, more initiatives will be implemented to encourage compact, sustainable lifestyle choices. For one, there is a slow shift towards the acceptance of mobility as a business service, rather than as a public good. Measures to reduce traffic congestion by controlling local car populations have been in place for more than two decades3. This undoubtedly results in additional costs for operators of delivery fleets, thus, the pursuit of more sustainable urban logistics solutions is really just a matter of time.

Win the last mile of eCommerce with scalable, cost-effective last mile solutions

blu offers a full suite of retail logistics solutions that leverage best-in-class technologies to integrate fulfillment and last mile processes for quick, efficient and accurate last mile delivery options. 

blu operates one of the largest automated parcel terminal networks in Singapore, with over 100 locations islandwide. Known as bluPort, our automated and integrated systems allow same-day pick, pack and deliver to bluPort, where your customers enjoy fuss-free parcel collection, from any of our strategically-located bluPorts. Apart from providing consumers with flexible last mile options to suit their needs, consolidating deliveries into parcel terminals can also reduce the costs associated with failed deliveries and multiple delivery attempts. 

Fully managed in-house, partners are also able to track and locate individual parcels in real-time. Allow your customers the peace of mind of knowing where their parcels are at any point of time, and decrease instances of parcel theft with our automated, burglar-proof parcel terminals. 

The last mile process is known to be the most expensive and time-consuming of the entire product fulfillment cycle. However, the costs associated with last mile delivery can be lessened with an experienced logistics service provider. With invested interest in helping your business scale and grow, blu will be an asset to your business in a volatile market, where consumer preferences are ever-changing. 

1 Statista, Statista forecasts annual growth of 9.1% from 2020-2024, resulting in a market volume of US$3,939M by 2024.
2, “living density in Singapore will increase to 13,700 persons/km² by 2030.”
3 Singapore Infopedia, “ERP was activated on 1 April 1998.”


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