Balancing speed, cost and experience with smart last mile orchestration

First published by Admin, on 19 June 2020

Last mile delivery

As eCommerce becomes increasingly mainstream, small businesses might struggle to provide their customers with affordable shipping options as logistics service providers typically prioritise bigger businesses with high shipping volumes. 

Instead of chasing the fast and free delivery trend, businesses can leverage already existing logistics networks to their advantage - for instance, automated parcel lockers can be used to upgrade or downgrade carrier service levels. Delivery options can also be priced according to different shipping speeds. Offering a mix of delivery options allows consumers to choose a shipping option that best suits their needs, and can thus aid in improving customer satisfaction.

Cracking the omnichannel code
As the physical and digital converge, businesses will need to deliver a fully-integrated, omnichannel shopping experience, supported by delivery methods that work seamlessly across all channels.

Parcel lockers, for one, can be installed anywhere with power and a stable Internet connection. They enable flexible collection timings, “extended” delivery hours, and can dramatically raise delivery success rates, reducing overall delivery costs for businesses. 

With more and more brands taking up parcel lockers as a last mile delivery option, let’s take a closer look at the benefits such an arrangement can offer. 

Click-and-collect parcel lockers can enhance the customer experience and add to a brand’s competitive advantage

Firstly and most importantly, parcel lockers can provide cost-efficient and convenient deliveries and returns. They act as decentralised consumer touchpoints, where customers can collect their purchases, as well as drop off unsuitable items to start off the returns process. Allowing customers access to a network of parcel lockers gives them the freedom to collect and drop off their items flexibly, while still providing businesses with the added security of a full chain of custody. 

Additionally, parcel lockers can be placed inside or outside brick-and-mortar stores. These parcel lockers can help dispense items purchased online or process returned items without affecting in-store manpower - this can be a boon for time-strapped customers. 

Designed to be modular, parcel lockers can be configured to include boxes in a variety of sizes depending on projected self-collect and return volumes. They can be customised to match store interiors for branding purposes, and elevate customers’ shopping experiences with their user-friendliness. 

Apart from their effectiveness as a consumer touchpoint, parcel lockers can also offer robust reporting capabilities. Data on a parcel locker’s occupancy rate, turnover rate, pick up times and usage frequencies can be analysed to glean deeper insights into consumer behaviour. This enables businesses to determine their return on investment, and optimise further parcel locker placements. 

A digital-first retail logistics business
We believe that parcel lockers can be more than just a convenient delivery alternative for customers. Matched with the right pricing and speed strategy, business can leverage its scalability, especially during seasonal and last-minute promotional events, to ensure that service levels remain high despite large parcel volumes. 

We are always on the lookout for new ways to create exciting shopping experiences. With one of the largest parcel locker networks in Singapore, we are uniquely positioned to provide fuss-free, contactless last mile delivery services islandwide. 


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