The XS Box: Everything you need to know

First published by Admin, on 05 August 2020


There are 4 standardised box sizes available at bluPort parcel lockers. They are designated XS, S, M and L, with XS being the smallest and L being the largest. Here’s a picture with the respective box sizes marked out for better visualisation:

XS boxes are 19 cm wide, 8 cm tall, and 60 cm deep. That’s a whopping 9,120 cm3 worth of space that you can utilise when you send parcels! 

At only S$2.50 per booking, the XS box is the most affordable box option available, perfect for sending smaller, more compact items such as clothes, accessories, tech gadgets and beauty products. It might be the smallest box size in our repertoire, but you can definitely fit a hefty amount into it! Read on for some tips on how you can maximise the XS box to send items at a more affordable rate.


When sending items, pack them ‘lying down’ whenever possible. 
At only 8 cm tall, you might have to pack your items horizontally, laying them down on their sides, to fit your parcel into an XS-sized box. If you are sending bottled items, make sure to seal them tightly to prevent leaks and spills when placed lengthwise.

Taped bottles to prevent leakage when placed sideways – with bubble wrap for added protection.


Whenever possible, package your items in polymailer bags instead of boxes. 
This is because polymailer bags are more compact and can be easily compressed to fit inside small spaces. You can purchase polymailers at various sizes from neighbourhood stationery stores - the one pictured below was purchased in a pack of 20 from Popular.

A4-sized polymailer bags. 


Can’t find a suitably-sized polymailer? DIY!
To fully maximise the 60 cm depth of the XS box, you can consider creating your own polymailer. We suggest crafting your polymailers from a sturdy, waterproof material - we made ours from a roll of aluminium thermal sheets, available at Daiso. Lightweight and thinly padded, these thermal sheets work great in a pinch, and look good too!

7 cm by 18 cm by 40 cm polymailer DIY-ed by our colleague Mandy!


We hope you find these tips helpful! Next time you send a parcel, do check your parcel’s dimensions and consider trying out our smallest and most affordable box size!

Happy sending!



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