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First published by blu, on 20 November 2020


It’s November, and we all know what that means - the year end sale season is here again! With the growing popularity of eCommerce here in Singapore, many retailers have taken their seasonal offers online, and we’re here with a short round-up of #lifehacks to help you get your money’s worth.

Tip 1: Start looking early

As our mothers’ always say, the early bird gets the worm. If you have something in mind, do your research early – start scoping out different sellers and platforms before committing to a deal. Retailers sometimes run extended promotional events starting before 11.11, running through the month till the Christmas shopping season. Start checking out your options early so that you don’t miss out on any special sales activities that could nab you extra discounts, like collecting vouchers for additional cashback or redeeming coupon codes for money off your purchase. 

Tip 2: Always compare across platforms / providers

Different eCommerce platforms would have different perks, loyalty programmes, and voucher codes that you can explore. Depending on your membership tier available coupons, and accumulated loyalty points, you might be able to score a better deal on one platform over another, even if you’re buying the same product. Many eCommerce retailers are active across mutiple sales channels, so it’s best to do your due diligence for the best deals!

Tip 3: Add to cart

Made up your mind? Found the best price from all available options? Have a list of promo codes ready? Make sure to add your items to your shopping cart so that you can check out as soon as the sale starts! As stock availability might be limited, it’s always best to make your purchase early to avoid disappointment. 

Tip 4: Join group buy communities for even greater savings

Many eCommerce retailers offer greater deals – additional discounts, free gifts, or waived shipping fees – if the combined value of all the items in your cart exceed a certain amount. While you might not be able to hit these cart value milestones on your own, you can seek out fellow shopaholics to combine orders and maximise discounts! Group buy requests are frequently seen on social media platforms such as Facebook and Telegram. If you organise a group buy, we suggest using the ‘Send parcel’ service on the blu app for a simple, affordable, and convenient way to send items to the other participants.


We hope these tips helped you out this shopping season, and good luck! 



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