Favourite WFH finds

First published by Admin, on 03 July 2020



Working from home is the new normal. Here at blu, we’ve adapted by having daily catch-ups and work discussions over Google Chat, but low-key miss our freshly-made local coffee and favourite fusion-claypot rice (from the Kopitiam near our workplace) that we used to frequent multiple times a week! 

Creating our ideal home office  
We all know a friend or colleague who lost no time in ordering a Secretlab gaming chair, the holy grail of any WFH setup. Some of us beautified our spaces with faux potted plants, discovered through Carousell’s ‘Gardening’ category and shipped via bluPort1 at only $2.50 – and we collected them within a day from when the seller dropped off!  

Online sales, including Shopee’s ongoing GSS (till 7.7), gave us the perfect excuse to update our setups with brand new Bluetooth and wireless keyboards, earphones, and speakers, for better work-call experiences. We also shopped online for practical items such as multi-port charging stations and collected them from bluPort2 – ensuring that our laptop, monitor, mobile phone, and other gadgets stay juiced throughout the day. 

Some spared no expense and purchased selfie lights for improved lighting and adjustable laptop stands for flattering camera angles. Wanting to look your best is nothing to be ashamed of; if you’re feeling shy, you can always keep your parcels away from prying eyes if you ‘Check out with blu2’! 

Reminding loved ones that you care
In the absence of physical gatherings, we had fun surprising our friends and family with care packages sent via our ‘Send parcel1’ service. With contactless delivery and affordable rates, we did not have to worry about limiting the surprises to only a special few. Our colleague, Charmaine, sent the entire marketing team freshly-baked cookies! Truly, a parcel a day keeps the blues away. 

As phase 2 begins and social distancing measures start to relax, we can’t wait to get back to the office and see each other again - this time IRL. Meanwhile, remember to stay safe and bluPort it! 



Send parcel – watch the video here 

Check out with blu – watch the video here



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