Earning extra cash from your hobbies

First published by blu, on 15 October 2020


We've all got our hobbies and interests - activities we enjoy that we dedicate some of our spare time to because we find them fun or fulfilling. While we don't typically get into hobbies to make money, some hobbies can become a stream of income if taken seriously enough. Depending on how much time and effort you invest in your hobbies, they might just double as a way to bring in some extra cash!

Toy enthusiasts: sell toy collectibles

If you love toys and enjoy collecting them, perhaps you could consider trading or selling toys for some extra cash. When prospecting for a good collectible, look for items that are in good condition as this is a big determinant of a collectible’s value – toys in their original packaging usually bring the highest bid. Scarcity is another factor: rare toys usually sell for higher amounts than common ones. 

Start small by investing in something currently retailing in the market and wait for it to become a high-priced collectible. While at it, consider getting an extra set to make the overseas shipping worthwhile. Try to avoid limited editions as collectors often buy them instantly and you could be stuck with a rare toy with little demand. 

Making money from collectibles requires patience and a significant knowledge of your item. Hence, it is best to invest in something you truly have passion for. The worst case scenario is that there is no demand for your toy collection and you are unable to sell them for cash, so make sure that you enjoy your collectibles for more than just their market value. 

Put your painting skills to work: sell painted miniatures

If you enjoy painting and adding life to otherwise boring figurines, why not try your painting miniatures? With a bit of practice, steady hands and good tools, painting a miniature can almost be like a three-dimensional colouring book - fill in the blank spaces and stay within the lines!

Trending just under the radar, there is hidden demand for painted miniatures as they are considered a necessity to bring tabletop board games alive. A quick search on Carousell gives you access to a list of artists from whom you can commission custom requests, as well as newly painted and pre-loved miniatures.

Creative hacks to redesign plain tees, shoes and caps to sell

One of the quickest way is to purchase iron-on embroidery patches, stickers, and crystals, which you can easily source from online marketplaces, or craft and stationery shops! Alternatively, if you chance upon a printable image that fits your design concept, you can consider Iron-on Heat Transfer sheets that you can get for under $10. Simply print your desired image on these sheets and iron them on a plain tee shirt to create your one-in-a-million piece!


Rent out your equipment

So you’ve spent your savings on fancy camera lenses, the latest drones, and game consoles. Why not try to earn a bit of cash by renting them to other enthusiasts, since these items are not typically used on a daily basis? Thanks to the rise of the sharing economy, it is easier than ever to rent items online, on platforms like Carousell, MyRent and Rent Tycoons.

With travelling being prohibited for a while, more might be inclined to use the opportunity to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby in the near future. Having the chance to rent equipment at a fraction of the price enables the user a chance to try and get an accurate feel of whether this is indeed what they want before investing in new equipment of their own. 

There are many possibilities to earning extra cash from your hobby, as it can be anything that you are passionate about. One thing for sure is that you need to take first steps to make it happen, and blu is here to support you in getting your parcels delivered! 

A convenient, cost-efficient way to get your items securely to your customers and fellow hobbyists is to leverage the bluPort parcel locker network. Reliable and secure, bluPort parcel lockers are fully-automated and vandal-proof. With over 100 bluPort locations islandwide, you can easily make a 'Send parcel' booking with the blu app and drop off your parcel on-the-go, at your nearest bluPort. Senders can also track parcel statuses conveniently from the blu app. 

If you have the urge to start something but don’t know how, ask yourself what you’re good at or already know about. What do you already do in your spare time that could turn into something more? We wish you all the best!


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