A chat with Khushboo

First published by blu, on 16 September 2020


We’re sharing our first ever employee spotlight in honour of our fifth birthday, and who better to feature than Khushboo, Head of Operations & Customer Care here at blu?

A key figure behind the bluPort magic, Khushboo manages a lean team of delivery agents and operations staff, who facilitate the collection, sorting and delivery of parcels. She also leads the bluCare team, who assist with a variety of customer queries. We talk to Khushboo to find out more about what a typical workday for her is like, and where her dream bluPort location would be!

Hello! Please introduce yourself.
Hi! My name is Khushboo and I head the Operations & Customer care teams at blu. I'm originally from the Philippines and have been in blu for more than 2 years now.

What’s a typical day at blu for you?
The best part of my role is that it is never a dull day at blu - you just never know what to expect!

I interact with both internal teams and external customers to ensure orders are fulfilled and parcels are processed promptly and efficiently. This involves advanced planning, allocating resources and personnel to different tasks, as well as monitoring and supporting the different processes to ensure that things run smoothly. I also provide guidance to my team to resolve challenges, and always remind them to keep a positive attitude so that we always provide an efficient and positive experience for our customers.

What do you like most about working at blu?
What I like the most is the diversity of experiences and interactions I have with different stakeholders. Also, being able to see through the operational execution of our different services gives me a sense of accomplishment especially when we receive kind and positive feedback and reviews from customers. It fuels my motivation to further improve our operational and customer care processes!

What’s the most interesting situation that comes to mind?
Each day brings interesting situations as I interact with different customers and stakeholders to overcome different obstacles and challenges. Recently, access to a bluPort was impeded due to queues that had formed outside the Mall due to safe management measures. While not intended, I had to work with the Mall to ensure that our customers and users could still safely and conveniently access the bluPort without impeding the queue formation for entry to the Mall.

blu turns 5 in a couple of days, what are some of the memorable milestones you've witnessed?

Khushboo (fourth from left) with our CEO, Prashant, and our colleagues, at the Supply Chain Asia Awards 2019

blu was awarded the 'Supply Chain Start-Up of the Year' at Supply Chain Asia Awards 2019 and 'Best Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company' at the LogiSYM Awards 2020. These 2 milestones are a strong recognition of the team's dedication and effort. This year, we expanded our operational capacity and capabilities with the blu eCommerce Hub, and it has been both memorable and exciting thus far to be playing a pivotal role in that. 

Lastly, if we could deploy a bluPort anywhere in the world (and have parcels teleported there magically), where would you want it to be and why?
I would have a bluPort placed at home with my family in the Philippines so that we could conveniently and magically 'teleport' parcels and home-cooked meals to each other!



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