blu Surprise

Collection period 

25 Apr – 08 May 2020 




We have put together a little cheer-up parcel and hope it makes your day cheerier!

Please complete the form below to redeem your surprise cheer-up parcel.

Redemption process:

  • Fill in and submit the form below.
  • Our team will review the submission, usually within 2-3 business days.
  • We will then deliver the cheer-up parcel to your chosen bluPort. You will be notified when it is ready for collection – you know the drill wink  

Items in each cheer-up parcel:

  • A transparent travel pouch
  • A deck of playing cards
  • A sheet of cheer-up stickers
  • A bottle of hand sanitiser (50ml)

Kindly note that redemption can only be made via the form below, and by selected blu members. Each shortlisted member is entitled to redeem a maximum of 1 cheer-up parcel.



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