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Look forward to a variety of parcel services, all accesible on-the-go.

With this app, you can

  • Send and collect your parcels on-the-go
  • Find a bluPort near you
  • Track and view your parcel statuses on the home screen in real-time
  • Receive reminders via notifications to collect or drop off  parcels
  • Enjoy the ease of quick and safe payment through wallet credits
  • Earn points and redeem rewards

To send a parcel:

  1. Make a booking
  2. Drop off the parcel at your selected bluPort

Your parcel will be delivered to your recipient in no time.

To request for a parcel:

  1. Submit a request
  2. Wait for the sender to accept your request and drop off the parcel

You will receive a notification when the parcel is ready for collection.

To check out with blu:

  1. Shop online at any store that ships to Singapore
  2. Select your preferred bluPort
  3. Copy your personalised generated address, and paste it as your shipping address during checkout on the merchant's site

We will receive the parcel on your behalf and deliver it to your chosen bluPort, and you will be notified when your parcel is ready for collection.

About blu

blu is a retail logistics company with one of the largest parcel locker networks in Singapore, known as bluPort. You can send and collect parcels on-the-go, from a bluPort near you.

Choose from over 100 bluPort parcel lockers located islandwide in shopping malls, office buildings, schools, petrol stations, and convenience stores. Find your nearest bluPort today.

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