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Returns management

Encourage sales and boost customer loyalty with a hassle-free returns process. Allow your customers to drop off their parcels for return at any bluPort parcel terminal, and sit back as we take care of reverse logistics to facilitate a seamless handover.

Don’t miss out on a sale

Our fast turnaround for returns enables your product to be made available for sale quickly.

Simplify your returns process

Make returns a breeze with our islandwide network of over 100 drop-off points and seamless reverse logistics management.

Be eco-conscious

Lower your carbon footprint with our efficient, vehicle-lite parcel delivery. 

Get started today

Tap on our easy-to-use tools and reverse logistics capabilities to effortlessly implement a streamlined returns process.

Manage your returns effectively

Step 1:

You validate returns and authorise blu to provide the customer with a dropCode for parcel drop-off.

Step 2:

Your customer packs items securely and drops the parcel off at any bluPort within the stipulated window, using the dropCode provided. 

Step 3:

We handle reverse logistics on your behalf and consolidate the returned parcels for a seamless handover.

JenniferCo-founder of Linjer

We’ve been using blu for returns processing in Singapore. It’s convenient and cost-effective, and our customers love the convenience of being able to drop off their products at a bluPort locker rather than having to mail return parcels overseas.

Making eCommerce fulfilment seamless

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