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Making eCommerce fulfillment seamless 

blu empowers businesses with a full suite of retail logistics solutions, from warehousing and fulfillment to last mile delivery to returns management. By applying systemic innovation throughout the value chain, our integrated and automated systems run efficiently across all stages. 

Powered by robotics and AI, our warehousing and fulfillment facility ensures real-time inventory tracking - goods are stored securely with piece-level precision and orders are fulfilled swiftly and accurately. 

Downstream, blu operates one of the largest automated parcel terminal networks in Singapore known as bluPort. Our fulfillment and delivery processes are integrated to achieve same-day service levels for pick, pack, and deliver to bluPort. With bluPort, we eliminate prevalent last mile challenges like unpredictability in transit and missed deliveries due to customer unavailability. 

blu also enables seamless parcel returns via our extensive bluPort network, helping businesses encourage sales and boost customer loyalty. 

With best-in-class technology, our valued partners can grow their businesses by leveraging our scalable, automated fulfillment and last mile capabilities. 

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Enabling fuss-free parcel drop-off and collection 

The blu app makes fuss-free parcel services easily accessible to the wider public. Through the app, anyone can send and collect parcels easily, at their convenience. 

To send a parcel, users simply drop off their parcel at their preferred bluPort, and blu takes care of the rest. When shopping online, users can also opt to collect their parcels on-the-go, from a bluPort near them. No more waiting for parcels (or missed deliveries) ever again! 

With over 100 locations across Singapore, users can easily find a bluPort along their daily commute. 

blu is also proud to pioneer the Federated Lockers and Collection Points (Locker Alliance) Programme alongside IMDA and partners, transforming the last mile space in Singapore. 

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