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Sending a parcel to a friend? Simply make a booking to drop off your parcel, and we will deliver it on your behalf to another bluPort in Singapore.

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Request for parcel

Need something? Request for a parcel from your friend and collect it from your preferred bluPort, at your convenience.

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Shopping online? Generate your personalised address to use during checkout and enjoy fuss-free parcel collection.

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Started using bluPort to collect my parcels and I continued to rely on it since. Super fast, and super simple. Saved me so much inconvenience from past failed deliveries by other providers.



There were many locations to choose from to collect my parcel. I’ve collected from bluPort twice (once at SMU, another time at Tampines Mall) - both were quick, easy and convenient. No need to fuss over queues too, I got my parcel within 30 seconds :)



Collected my parcel from a bluPort at Capital Tower. Great location, easy to use, and saved me the trouble of having to deal with the deliveryman when they arrive, and I am not at home to collect the parcel.


blu for businesses

The solution to all your eCommerce fulfillment needs

From warehousing and order fulfillment, to last mile delivery and returns management, we've got you covered.


Fuss-free parcel collection and drop-off in Singapore

Our network of automated parcel lockers spans over 100 locations islandwide, offering a one-stop solution for businesses and individuals seeking a convenient and fuss-free parcel delivery solution in Singapore.


Drop-off and self-collect from convenient parcel lockers throughout Singapore

Known as bluPort, each parcel collection terminal is strategically located at easily accessible areas around Singapore for convenient parcel drop-off and self-collection along daily transport routes. These automated parcel lockers help streamline the parcel delivery process so that parcels can be delivered efficiently, accurately and conveniently, from one bluPort to another. With more than 100 locations islandwide, you can drop-off and collect parcels at any of our fully-automated bluPort parcel lockers, available night or day. Enjoy peace of mind that your parcels await collection in our vandal-proof parcel lockers, safe and secure in your preferred bluPort location.

Parcel services on-the-go

Sending and collecting parcels is made easy with the blu app. We simplify parcel services by connecting our network of parcel lockers with an automated and integrated retail logistics ecosystem, and making it easily accessible with a mobile app. With the blu app, you can make a booking to drop off your parcel at your convenience, or choose to self-collect a parcel from your preferred bluPort locker, anywhere in Singapore. Enjoy flexible parcel collection and speedy delivery whenever you shop online.

At blu, we are more than just a local parcel delivery service in Singapore. Applying systemic innovation throughout our business operations, we work to make eCommerce fulfillment seamless.

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